Wednesday 30 March 2011

Twenty Twelve Exhibition Extended Dates

The joint exhibition Twenty:Twelve is up for an extra week at The CAMP London.

Thank you to all the staff for their support, and I am pleased that they want our work to remain at the venue until Tuesday 5th April.

Thank you to Elevine for the use of her photographs. For more images visit 

Thursday 24 March 2011

Twenty:Twelve Private View and party night

Come down to The CAMP tonight and soak up the art, music and atmosphere.

The UEL second year fine art students are putting on an Exhibition called Twenty:Twelve, in honour of their graduation year. It opens tonight with a Private View and Party. 

It starts at 6.30, performance and poetry start from 7.15

Music from The Invisible Afros from 9.30

Danny Augustine will DJ until midnight, and if he's good we might let him stay on until 1am!

A selection of the work on view...

See you there!

Monday 21 March 2011

Window Painting for Twenty:Twelve at The CAMP

Valeriya Nyamtsova-Georgieva drawing The Flock onto the windows at The CAMP earlier today

Elevine Lillebuen Berge painting şablon România onto the windows at The CAMP, earlier today ready for the opening night on Thursday 24th from 6.30 pm.

Monday 14 March 2011

Carolina Piteira

TITLE "She passed on of pneumonia," he told sympathizers, "up in the high mountains of California".

Oil Pastel


SIZE 40 x32 cm


ARTIST STATEMENT This strange and unusual story takes place in 1910 London, with Dr. Crippen husband of Cora- or Belle Elmore as she called her self professionally.
She was murdered by her husband after he turned his interests to other women, namely his secretary, Ethel Clara Le Neve.

On March 26, Crippen inserted a notice of his wife's death in the Era magazine. " She passed on of pneumonia," he told sympathizers, "up in the high mountains of California".

Megan Slade

The sound of sewing machines

Trickles of rain
Slowly racing down
The window
I make a guess
At which drop will win
Some join onto others
and fall faster
Maybe this is cheating
But I’ve always turned a blind eye

My mother arranges herself
Foot ready, waiting
On the pedal
She has been gathering scraps and
Threads for a while now
To turn into masterpieces
A tomboy like me
Will never wear

I colour out of the lines
But she still tells me it’s beautiful
Without her even looking
Instead her eyes glisten as
The first seem has been made

The whirl of this machine
Sings a duet
With the falling rain
It’s just another Sunday.

Saturday 12 March 2011

Philippa Edwards

TITLE Olympus Engulfed


ARTIST STATEMENT Philippa Edwards works primarily in printmaking and low relief. Her work in this exhibition shows her recent interest in displaying the plate from which her prints are created. This collograph plate is made by building up layers of adhesive, paper, card and shellac.

Olympus Engulfed reflects on the turmoil created by the Olympics coming to the East End of London. The plans make changes that are geographic, political and social. Philippa explains "[the work] often focuses on the balance of power between the individual and the Establishment." On the subject of the Olympic building programme she comments ". . . choices are made by bureaucrats that are seen to be 'good for' the general public however many local people find the disruption to travel and landscape disconcerting and do not necessarily relish the 'benefits' they will reputedly reap at the end of the process. Many others, including businesses and sports-people, are more enthusiastic and are looking forward to the spectacle and raised profile that having the games in Britain will provide".

PRICE £350

Dione Roach

TITLE Untitled

Silver Gelatine Prints


SIZE 21x29.7 cm with frame 4 pieces  

SALE PRICE Please contact the artist

ARTIST STATEMENT A set of 4 photographs

Crystalann McHaffie

TITLE The Baby Dolls



SIZE Postcard (series of 8)


ARTIST STATEMENT The Baby Doll are born from the dreams and nightmares that are in every persons mind. Although they started out as a representation of Eve as a child, they have now developed into something that is alien to us. It is of all sex and none, and twisted and broken.

Read into it what you will, I have my own meanings for it, just as you will have you own.

Laura Jayne Williams

TITLE Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, sweat and tears on bandaged canvases


SIZE 20cm x 38cm


ARTIST STATEMENT a set of 3 canvases

Melvyn Browne

Havisham’s loss

Pitiful ugly witch with hatred of that loathed assassin of her heart
What course to take from life’s mistaken love to hide to run
Loves damage done to death these restless years
Talk till mind was dry; remember what was said, of nothing

No release as time cracked down, whilst flesh and bones reseed
Twisted thoughts not shared but for the mirror; which lies.
Stilted uncertain hand grasped tight, sticks polished handle.
Lent forward, back so bent nair straight again sat on withered hollowed chair

Fires sparking caught little of half closed eyes that weakened with the glow
Head moving to and fro. Old dress so loose on frame obtuse to change
Dusty strands, white so long, extinguished thoughts of golden tresses
No hope but end of ends itself, thence taken from, life’s lonely shelf

Melvyn  13th September 2010

Danny Augustine


Screenprint on paper




ARTIST STATEMENT one of an edition of 7 prints

TELEPHONE 07737825858

Syreeta King

TITLE Women on top

Photograph on Aluminium



SALE PRICE Please contact the artist


Tanya Adam

TITLE Box of Curiosities

Bronze, resin


SIZE 15 x 15 x 15 cm


ARTIST STATEMENT  By trying out different mediums in art practice, I'm fantasising and inventing an exiting and sinister world of children who will remain young forever.


Melvyn Browne

Sacred                                                             14/5/2007

Thunder breaking from the ground
Swirling clouds of dust abound
Nostrils flair to acrid air
Suicidal brave may dare

Cuts from scorching bright to black
To return, is far away
Loaded near to breaking back
Through the night until they say

Machines of death and butchery
Made to shape our history
Only used when needs be?
Crushing forward, for liberty?

Do Christians go to war for gain?
For essence far below the earth?
Make reasons for to change our view.
Substantiating rumored lies?

Thousands now are dead
For what the politicians said
No greater liability
Than take my life away from me

Melvyn      14th May 2007


TITLE Beannú na déithe's n'aindhéithe ort! (Blessings of the Gods and Un-Gods Upon You!)

Sculpture - Image shows a sketch of the piece

Cane and earth


SIZE h-152cm w-66cm d-20cm

SALE PRICE Please contact the Artist

ARTIST STATEMENT This piece celebrates the rich heritage of my fore-bearers the Celtic settlers. in its simple figure form, with elements of its surrounding environment, the earth, branches and the old craft of the people of weaving cane. this piece is organic and will stand out doors exposed to the elements, the wind, the rain and the sun, the art will be continued by mother nature, ever changing its form, bio-degrading it until its final breakdown -and eventual returned to the earth. 
A gift to my ancestors.

Stuart Bolin

TITLE Athena



SIZE 130 x 110 cm


ARTIST STATEMENT Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of creativity, knowledge and war was born from Zeus’ head when it was cleaved by Hephaestus and his smithing tools.  Athena burst forth a full grown woman clad in a complete set of battle armour. This frame is part of an installation representing inspiration, exploring it’s origins and as a modern accolade to Athena.

TELEPHONE 07733016087

David Martin

TITLE Comments on untitled 'call for art'





ARTIST STATEMENT The piece is about engagement with art and how much people are willing to embrace it. This is also related to the personal experience rather than a universal.

Melvyn Browne


Locked into the wilderness of your mind
How when or where you will never find
The exit closed as you went in
A million doors for that cardinal sin

Black or white you see all right
In colour too, all are bright
Action taken from your hand
Best get to grips and understand

Your trapped no other place to go
See you can but have no control
Travel to the farthest depths
No pain received, no one wept

Suspended in a labyrinth
Always sitting on the brink
Not your call, to even blink
You have been left, to only think

Trapped inside you own mind
Retribution, of the very worst kind
On show to the world, you are a cabbage
Educated, but you were a savage

Devised by those that hated evil
Were protecting all the other people
Who want a live without the strife
Won’t countenance those, that take a life

That injection they gave you, paralyzed
Every muscle of every size
You are doomed forever, to haunt yourself
For taking a life, from someone else

Ha Ha

Melvyn 1st April fool’s day 2009

The moral of the story is
 there are far worse punishments than death
 trust me!

Friday 11 March 2011

Emily Longstaff

TITLE Untitled

Picture shows example images

Acrylic on canvas


SIZE 64 x 53 cm

SALE PRICE please contact the Artist

ARTIST STATEMENT Traditional painter with a contemporary twist. Specialist in figurative paintings with modern content that are both poignant and entertaining. Works are often based around current social issues, but also detail personal circumstance of the artist. Available for portrait commissions on request.

TELEPHONE 07846967262

Melvyn Browne


Standing in the rain
Another year were here again
Lucky to be alive
Were here because you heroes died

Remember you? We cannot forget
Your sacrifice, in history set
To offer those who made it home
Freedom from a savage foe

What tortures suffered, heaven knows
From your blood spilt, a new world grows
But much as common man may like
Our leaders bring us back to fight

It is the greed, a fault of man
To take up arms and fight again
The glory that we once knew
Hard to believe, that it was true

Standing in the rain
Another year were here again
Since you gave your lives
There’s been more wars and millions died

19th October 2008

Thursday 10 March 2011

Melvyn Browne

TITLE Havisham’s death                   

Sudden end to life’s expectations
Broken word like knife to heart
Bloody wretch would be a killing
For unkept promises

Introverted time stopped still
Rationale would love to kill
Detestation of his every fibre
For a thousand lies did tell

Mangled thoughts enveloping
All reason lost to hatred
Trapped inside an injured mind
For loathing of all mankind

A hundred years count every second
Frail and bent by fear and hate
Consolation from no quarter
For still being at the alter

End nigh with her
So sad a loss
Whole life forsaken
At last is taken

Melvyn  14th September 2010  

Poetry (Reading)

ARTISTS STATEMENT The aim of my work is to detail the poignancy of the human condition, the national travesties that occur in form of warfare, heart break and desire. Through the medium of poetry and other forms of literature, I hope to evoke empathy in the spectator through the emotive nature of the written word

TELEPHONE 07904230365

Allison MacKenzie

TITLE Tripping Over Myself

Sculpture - Plaster


SIZE Approx. 60-70cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 30cm (D)

SALE PRICE Please contact the artist

Maja Escher

TITLE Paisagem



SALE PRICE Please contact the artist

ARTIST STATEMENT paintings over footage. A notion of a landscape with suggestions of space, environment, transparency, and different layers of colour